Safety & Security

Employers and workers need to go beyond the regulatory requirements to ensure the health and safety of workers on construction sites.

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safety and security

Safety and Security

Every construction project, from the small bathroom renovation to the towering skyscraper, has a similar process. Each project requires planning and design. You also need to consider inventory, resources, and manage supplies, the actual construction of the project needs to be managed, and there will be post-construction details to tie-up.

  • While the focus is on the speed of progress and quality of the task at hand, Skystruct ensures that there are no compromises on Safety and Security measures. The domain of construction is risk prone and hence measures to acknowledge the possibility of unforeseen events and their mitigation come with paramount importance.
  • Skystruct ensures that the workforce involved in the project has all the mandated documents furnished in the application so that the respective stakeholders can verify and ensure compliance. Provisions to maintain health parameters and details of illnesses are few of the aspects towards ensuring safety at the workplace.
  • The workforce going through mandated safety videos before entering the premises of the project are features envisioned to make the Skystruct platform a sophisticated platform catering to the exact requirements of a construction site.
security and safety