Building construction means any physical activity on the site involved in the erection of a structure, cladding, external finish, formwork, fixture, fitting of service installation and the unloading of plant, machinery, materials or the like.

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construction management software

Construction Management Software

construction estimating software

Construction Dashboard

  • In the post pandemic world, keeping track of construction milestones to avert schedule slippages has become all the more essential. Skystruct is a solution crafted with inputs from industry experts and our dashboard embodies all metrics that are vital for your project
construction project management software


  • Skystruct helps you have a holistic view of all documentations relevant to the construction project being tracked. The specific areas belonging to which the documentations can be maintained include:
  • This section empowers the user to view the audit trail of the documentation process, edit documentations as well as utilize export options to share them!
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Non Compliance ReportAuthority based compliance

  • Skystruct by the virtue of its in depth understanding of government compliance guidelines of GMEC region including Qatar, empowers the customers with the precise avenues that are needed to be fulfilled to ensure complete authority compliances for construction projects.
  • Skystruct provides tracking of compliance for:
construction erp

Submittal Process Management

  • Submittals ensure that the materialization of the plan from paper to reality is aligned. Skystruct enables customers to experience hassle free submittals and their tracking.
  • The product has been designed to ensure that the workflow, coordination, review and actions are handled with the stakeholders focussing only on the construction goals.
  • Submittals can be assigned to relevant stakeholders like consultants and contractors.
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Request For Information Process

  • To ensure that individual teams working towards a common goal are in sync with the requirements of the project, Skystruct’s RFI feature provides avenues wherein creation to closure of requests are catered.
construction management software

Activity Tracking

  • All the ongoing activities pertaining to construction irrespective of their complexity must be tracked to completion within the planned schedule and time allotted. It is this fundamental rule which Skystruct diligently follows and helps its customers follow!
  • The activities are categorized on the basis of the phase of construction and the Activity feature helps in its tracking with fluid interactive UI and control with the users to administer the tasks effectively.
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Payment Management

  • The Payment Management feature gives a holistic view to the stakeholders on cost with the bifurcation under phase wise categories.
  • This module also comes with the feature where transaction history details can be downloaded based on selected filters for duration. The sections under which payments can be tracker are listed below:
construction project management software

Inspection Report

  • Inspection Reporting from Skystruct enables a centralized repository to be accessed by relevant stakeholders so that adherence to quality is not left on disconnected individual teams.
  • The measure of compliance to quality at each phase is visible for the users onboarded on Skystruct and the metrics which need attention can be easily perceived! Apart from customized inputs, the inspection reports can be generated for the below categories.
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Non Compliance Report

  • Raising the red flags at the earliest with plan to make amends and confirming its completion form the bedrock of a well-maintained construction process. Priority wise categorization of open issues and assigning issues to concerned stakeholders are actions which can get quite unwieldy quite soon in the absence of a robust tool like Skystruct.
  • With a clear understanding of areas where compliance is to be tracked, Skystruct offers order specific as well as general noncompliance tracking across the construction project being managed with scalable and customizable extensions.