A person who is employed to do any skilled, semiskilled or unskilled manual, supervisory , technical or clerical work for hire or reward, whether the terms of employment be expressed or implied, in connection with any building or other construction

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Labour Features

  • The dashboard provides a glimpse of how human resources working on the project are being utilized.
  • Skystruct provides focus on construction activities statuses with timelines due on present day as well as elapsed and upcoming form the central area of focus of the dashboard. Overall, the areas of assessment include


  • The labour section in this module is the avenue where all human resources relevant to the project can be onboarded.
  • The interface available to the administrators enables adding personal details of the labour resource along with the association details of the project such as Group Id, Designation etc.
  • There is a search option available as well which enables the administrative stakeholders to search for a particular labour resource with ease!
  • Features such as capturing details of App Login for the day enables a contemporary means of recording presence.
  • Skystruct has been built with the vision of cutting out any manual error prone prospects while registering such vital details.

Gate Pass

  • Managing a construction site includes securing its premises with authorised access.
  • Skystruct provides its users the provision to identify entry and exit points to the construction sites using Gate Numbers.
  • The list of such maintained official Gate Passes at a central level ensure that there is no ambiguity when inflow and outflow of people is to be monitored.


  • With the involvement of labour resources, there exists a constant need of validation and authorization to be provided to them.
  • Based on rich practical exposure of managing critical projects, Skystruct facilitates managing and assigning documentations to the labour resources through this module.
  • In enterprise projects, it is mandated that the assigned labour force complete the needed documentation and for them to know of the required, this module precisely provides this information. Broadly the types of documents envisioned include:


  • A centralized mechanism of leave applications and their subsequent actions are a part of Skystructs labour facing features.
  • Considering the scenario where leaves are managed in an offline system can reveal multitude of issues with respect to synchronizing updates and approval process which are eventually tied to payroll. With Skystruct its all streamlined and ordered!


  • Tracking daily presence at the construction site is an essential daily activity which is handled by Skystruct.
  • The inputs used for registering attendance include type of access to the site i.e. entry or exit and the Gate number.
  • Skystruct as an all in once solution caters to the aspect of daily traction of the workforce in the expected manner efficiently!


  • In terms of construction, this section is equivalent to the brick and mortar that form the structure!
  • Skystruct facilitates activity creation across various phases of the construction lifecycle and assigns tangible activities with timelines which the construction team is expected to adhere.
  • It is this activity status that defines whether a project is on time and on budget or running out of both! Sound understanding of construction, fuels Skystructs approach to help define and administer activities.

Health Check up

  • The health check-up module is aimed at ensuring wellness of the labour workforce at the construction site.
  • Skystruct has the requisite parameters tracked in order to help the administrative stakeholders to be in the know of health of the workforce.

H & S Report

  • Health and safety form an integral part of labour wellness and over becomes vital for mitigation of any averse impact on the project as a result of vulnerabilities.
  • Skystruct tracks this important metric and gives it the importance it deserves.


  • The Alert section is a broadcast mechanism provided by Skystruct to mainly the administrative stakeholders of the project to ensure relaying of critical alerts and details to respective team through means like SMS or Email.
  • The range of flexibility this feature provides in terms of sending essential information that too in a timely manner is quite pronounced!