The term inventory refers to the goods or materials used by a firm for the purpose of production and sale. It also includes the items, which are used as supportive materials to facilitate production.

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inventory management software

Inventory Management Software

  • The inventory dashboard provides an end-to-end view to the customers specifically in terms of utilization of raw materials and commodities.
  • A real time display of order report and fulfilment status keeps the stakeholders onboarded on the platform aware of the information that is crucial for inventory management. The dashboard details information on:
inventory management system
best inventory management software

Brand Tracking

  • Skystruct provides the customers with the avenues to track utilization of commodities of specific brands during the construction phases. This information can be spread across the various phases of the project.
  • The percentage of utilization of these brands and whether active or inactive provides substantial data inputs for purchase considerations.
inventory management tool

Product Tracking

  • The product section extends the information on brands to categorise products commissioned to the project belonging to these brands.
  • By the virtue of inputs from experienced professionals in the field of construction, Skystruct has carefully factored in the categorizations that are of utmost relevance.
  • Mapping products to brands helps in ensuring quality and upkeeping customer commitments. The tracking is through all phases of construction.
  • The customers based on their diverse requirements of volume and measures can utilize the Unit section to maintain these inputs and use them across the relevant phases of construction.
inventory management platform

Invoice Stores

  • Invoice Stores manage all the fulfilment centres which are the node points for the construction site that source the materials required to carry out activities.
  • Adopting Skystruct as the tool to oversee all construction activities, the customers can leverage not just tracking the stores with their status, but also engage with the stores online which would have been an impractical proposition if pursued in an offline manner.
inventory software

Stock Tracking

  • Tracking of Stock across the various phases of construction gives a complete picture to the stakeholders on budget as well as future projections.
  • Designated teams working on tracking stock shall greatly benefit from this feature of Skystruct which gives traction of stock not just at the overall project level but also at individual construction phase.
inventory management software

Order Tracking

  • A construction project shall feel the pinch of budget overruns if the materials needed to proceed with essential phases are in short supply or worse unavailable!
  • Skystruct ensures that the customers have day by day, phase by phase awareness of stock and the order book. Running out of essential supplies for plumbing work?
  • The Order tab shall assist the relevant team to place orders with the relevant store so that timely fulfilment can be tracked. Since it is a one stop solution for all needs, Skystruct’s payment module shall take care of making payments and also auditing them.
inventory management system


  • The Report module assists the customers in tracking Orders and Inventories based on status.
  • The inventories can be tracked based on products and provides details even at the item level.
  • Skystruct handles inventory tracking from inception to delivery and de congests the stakeholders time from relentless follow-ups if these operations had been decentralized!