Ease Of Procurement

In simple terms, procurement is the process of acquiring goods and services in construction. A construction company needs to strategically approach the procurement process to maximize the efficiency of a project.

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Every construction project, from the small bathroom renovation to the towering skyscraper, has a similar process. Each project requires planning and design. You also need to consider inventory, resources, and manage supplies, the actual construction of the project needs to be managed, and there will be post-construction details to tie-up.

  • Skystruct understands the importance of fulfilments at the right time. Any delay in procurements for an urgent requirement not only compromises timelines, but also acts as a detrimental factor when it comes to budgeting. It is with this clear vision that the Skystruct platform ensures very close tracking of raw materials, construction equipment’s and workforce to give complete unhindered vision to the stakeholders as to when to raise a flag on depletion of critical resources.
  • The Construction, Inventory and Labour modules which are fundamental to the Skystruct platform have thought through processes where orders can be placed through invoice stores directly by the supervisors and authorized stakeholders. The status column present in these modules help in a clear acknowledgement of procurements real time and hence the management can rest assured that actionable items are not ignored thanks to the Skystruct platform!