Construction Phases

Large commercial or heavy civil construction projects follow several steps or phases to move the project toward completion. Once studies and designs have been completed, licenses have been obtained, and assurances have been made, and that federal, state, and local environmental requirements are met, construction can then begin.

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phases of construction project

Phases of Construction Project

Every construction project, from the small bathroom renovation to the towering skyscraper, has a similar process. Each project requires planning and design. You also need to consider inventory, resources, and manage supplies, the actual construction of the project needs to be managed, and there will be post-construction details to tie-up.

  • By the virtue of enormous depth of domain expertise available with Skystruct, the platform has been designed to focus on the integral phases of any construction project.
  • It is this awareness that goes ahead and tracks the most essential areas of importance from the inception to the end delivery. It can be very well noticed through Skystruct that all the workflows have designated tracking, documentation, and resource allocation features catering to these phases of construction.
  • Interactive graphical interfaces and real time tracking of progress metrics encompass these phases of importance and keep the stakeholders in the know of the direction of progress so that timely actions can be taken in case required.
  • Documentations, billing details, human resources utilization across the various phases are seamlessly handled by the Skystruct platform and the benefit of utilizing these features reflects in the customers bottom line!
5 stages of construction process