Construction and Management

Dominate in Construction management with SkyStruct that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

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site management in construction
construction and management

Tracking Bills of Quantity

  • Tracking bills of quantity equates to tracking the lifeline of the construction project.
  • Tracking the materials required for the various phases of construction including volume, cost and date of request enable the stakeholders to be ever aware of the availability of the materials and Skystruct ensures that as a platform, it has all the information real time.
site management

Plan Administration

  • Knowing and forming the team and stakeholders that will be devoted to the project is an essential precondition for the project to succeed.
  • Skystruct provides the avenues wherein the coordinates of the team are available with cognizance of their role.
site management in construction

Milestones Tracking

  • The foremost indicator of how a project is progressing, whether on time and on budget or not, is by having a clear understanding of the milestones reached.
  • Skystruct provides a real time status on the tasks and milestones envisioned for the project during construction.
construction and management

Administering Submittals

  • The decision-making stakeholders onboarded in the project will require timely inputs from the sub-contractors and contractors on the submittal documents issued.
  • Without a central access of this vital process, the cost of the project could get hampered. Skystruct has administration of Submittals as one of the most vital areas of core focus and hence aligns itself to the best practices in construction.