Best Construction Management Software

In today’s age of construction, your projects must be as agile as they are cost-conscious. This means that decentralized administration teams should no longer work in isolation to achieve a cohesive project outcome.

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Best Construction Management Software in Qatar

Using technology to our advantage, SkyStruct offers a tailored-to-you tool that enhances the traditional methods of construction project management.

1. All Phases Of Construction - Mena Specific:

SkyStruct was designed to address all the needs of project management in construction across all stages of development for MENA-specific standards.

2. Complete Control And Overview Of Projects:

Complete visibility across projects can be considered one of the greatest values in the construction business. In times such as these, we understand how management and retrieval of data need to be quick and effortless. With Sky- Struct takes control of every moving component in the project management of construction projects with ease.

3. Cost Management:

The basic ideology behind the cost management feature of SkyStruct is how we have completely eradicated offline modes of transactions and incucated means of cost management.

4. Activity Management:

Maintaining, and tracking time and schedule are of paramount im- importance in construction. To make administering tasks and track- ing activities easier for our customers, we have incorporated the Activity feature with a fluid and interactive UI.

5. Smart Document Management:

SkyStruct’s document management system has been carefully structured to accommodate all the various aspects of construction and can be tracked and maintained with ease.

6. Inventory Management:

The inventory dashboard gives a detailed and clear picture to the customers about the utilization of raw materials and commodities. All the stakeholders have access to a real-time display of the order and fulfillment status of the inventory.

7. In-App Chat:

SkyStruct comes with its own In-App Chat system that allows teams to handle all work-related communication within the application itself; creating a complete centralized system that can now have all discussions linked easily to the work done for projects on SkyStruct.