Digitalization in Construction Industry

Technological advancements have always been transformational for the construction industry. While several construction companies all across the globe are investing in technology to assist in labor duties, a large percentage of the industry is still hesitant to shift to digital platforms.

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Digitalization in Construction Industry : How Skystruct is Resolving the Challenges

There is no denying the fact that becoming digitized helps construction companies to work more easily, be more efficient, more productive and have much more streamlined processes. The persistent pain points of conventional construction are safety issues, sustainability issues, tracking inefficiency leading to large losses, equipment control issues, errors in construction, low productivity, on-site safety issues, labor shortages etc. Skystruct ERP software was designed to specifically target these problem areas and revolutionize construction processes completely.

Here is a list of the comprehensive ways in which our mobile app and ERP software will resolve the challenges that conventional construction companies are facing.

1. Prefabricated Construction:

Did you know that the technology of prefabrication was used to construct The Leadenhall Building in London? Yes, modular and prefabricated construction is capable of overcoming traditional construction challenges that eventually improve the quality and speed of the process and keep it safe for the environment. Both modular construction and prefabrication come together to offer potential benefits that we, at Skystruct, combine with our technology and enable complex designs and usage of more sophisticated materials.

When we combine prefabrication and modular construction, we end up reducing costs as we can produce the same product several times and ship it to various construction sites. Owing to the fact that materials can be purchased in bulk, the cost of materials on a per-piece basis also comes down. If there is any surplus left, construction companies can use it for the next project. This process reduces waste and associated costs.

2. Exoskeletons:

The most pressing problem that conventional construction companies face is the rising number of injuries due to overexertion. This overexertion is not only painful for the laborers undergoing it but also for the industry as it leads to labor shortage, inefficiency and a significant impact on an aging employee’s health.

At Skystruct, we employ exoskeletons that make processes significantly safer for construction workers. The skeleton makes it easier to lift heavy machines easily. It also helps to hold heavy machines for longer durations without impacting the skeletal and muscular systems of workers. The strain that would otherwise impact muscles and joints by working repetitively on a prolonged basis, can now be completely avoided.

3. BIM:

Proper communication between each and every individual involved in a construction project is a crucial aspect and also one of the biggest challenges. In most conventional forms of construction, data loss happens as a result of a communication gap between all the parties involved in the process.

Skystruct ERP software strives to bridge this gap with the help of BIM technology. Changes in timings, schedules, material availability etc. need real-time coordination that our technology can offer effortlessly to all the stakeholders. We provide virtual walk-throughs that will make it easier for your company to obtain important feedback from stakeholders.

One of the most significant problems that our technology can solve is the cost of a project that often goes beyond control. Traditional construction methods have a tendency to fix things on the field that often leads to inaccurate cost calculation. With our construction ERP software and ERP mobile app, it will be possible to get the first version of a building tested and analyzed over and over again without adding to the cost. Each rendering will be better than the previous one and it will lead to a highly improved and efficient project.

4. 3D Printing:

Currently, the construction industry is generating enormous amounts of waste and adopting sustainable methods becomes a challenge because there is an involvement of too many companies at the same time. The entire supply chain will need to be modified to ensure sustainability in the process. This is where 3D printing comes into play.

Our technology can bring about changes in the way construction products are designed and manufactured. 3D printing also helps to eliminate transit damage by allowing on-site printing. Parts will no longer need to be over-engineered to avoid damage in transit as 3D printing will be done on-site and there will be no space for additional costs or wastage of resources. A 3D printer uses only those materials that are needed to print the structure.

5. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality:

The phase of the pandemic has made it quite clear to all of us that digital platform will be the way forward in order to succeed. VR, AR and MR are opening new gateways for the construction industry to elevate building designs to brand new levels. According to leading economists, virtual reality is capable of bringing down the cost of construction by approximately 90% that could otherwise be lost due to inadequate data.

Skystruct offers AR, VR as well as MR that can help workers to be familiar with the layout, the tools and the process beforehand so that time is significantly saved as they already know what they need to do. VR simulations also give workers a less hazardous environment to work in and thus improve the safety standards of a given company.

6. Robotics:

Completely automated robotic systems are no longer a distant reality. They are gradually becoming an integral part of construction processes all across the globe. The primary and most important aspect of robotics in construction is the fact that human errors and inconsistencies are eliminated. The entirely automated process is faster, more efficient and of higher quality.

7. Sustainability:

Did you know that by 2025, the volume of construction waste might reach 2.2 billion tons? This is why digitizing the construction process has become the priority of construction companies. Companies having green initiatives will always have a competitive edge. Buildings integrated with IoT systems can minimize carbon emissions and always function with optimal energy. Our technology serves this purpose of sustainability at every step.

Concluding Thoughts:

Digital transformation opens up new avenues for construction companies by not only being responsible towards the planet but also by offering safer and more productive working conditions to their employees.

The profit margins will be higher, the costs will be lower and time will be saved. Skystruct upholds all these 3 important principles of profit, cost and time by offering the most updated digital transformations to companies that believe in the future.