Pre Construction Management

Catering the essential requirements at Pre-Construction Stage

Feasibility Study

    Focussing on the prerequisites before getting started on a project demands a thorough assessment.

    Skystruct ensures getting workflows in place wherein the outcome of feasibility is made known to the stakeholders at the Pre- Construction stage.

Assigning Members

Knowing and forming the team and stakeholders that will be devoted to the project is an essential precondition for the project to succeed.

Skystruct provides the avenues wherein the coordinates of the team are available with cognizance of their role.

Authority Approvals

Committing to a project without requisite authority approvals or worse knowledge of these would not be a desirable proposition, would it?

A carefully curated avenue developed thanks to the vast hours of construction experience from Skystruct team ensures that your project approval requirements are addressed and tracked at the Pre- construction stage.
Pricing Plans

Afforadble Pricing