Interactive Features

Features that are prompt and innovative and engage with the logged in user

Interactive Features

A multitude of features are created in the Skystruct platform with the objective of ease of access to the logged in users. Prominent among these are Feed Wall, Search, Members List ,Weather alerts and conversations. All relevant notifications to the user are presented in the Feed Wall automatically. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to attract the user’s attention. Such small actions by the virtue of these features eventually benefit the project in terms of budget and time.

The Search option enables the user to search for
Cross Board
Bill of Quantity

Such an interactive avenue provides a wide array of access to information with minimal clicks!

Members listing enables the authorized user to invite a subordinate and provides access to the coordinates of the members relevant to the logged in user.

Weather alerts become quite a necessity to be prepared for adverse conditions that can affect the workforce and hence the project velocity. The prompt services inbuilt in Skystruct ensure that the requisite weather updates are available when they are needed the most.

As a feature found in most smart and sophisticated systems, Skystruct enables the users to interact through chat with the individuals who are part of their members list and also to form Groups adding members of their choice. It is a powerful tool to collaborate and take decisions on the go and Skystruct manages it like a charm!
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